Croisière dans la baie d’Halong

Ok, on se répète : on vous l’a dit pour la baie de Rio de Janeiro, puis pour la baie de Sydney, mais cette fois-ci c’est sûr on a trouvé la plus belle du monde : la baie d’Halong… jusqu’à la prochaine.

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  1. Wauw, so beautiful! Too bad we have to miss this part, so let’s save it for another time 🙂
    Hopefully you survived your second night in the jungle! And without too much company of unwanted insects.. 😉 Nice website by the way, keep it going!

    • Marjorie dit :

      Hello guys ! Yes, we managed to survive with the wonderful Sueb ! Just a few spiders and leeches, but nothing that would bother too much 😉 We will publish soon pictures of our nice banana leaves home.
      Thank you for your visit, and enjoy your trip ! Take care !

      • That’s good to hear, we weren’t worried for a second! Okay, maybe a little bit;) Are you still in Laos? We just arrived in Thailand and are about to go to Bangkok. Also, we’ve been looking at the AroundTheWorld ticket you guys told us about, but can’t seem to find a way to contact the company you used. Maybe you could send us some more info about that via email? Our email is Thanks in advance:) Oh and enjoy the rest of Laos and Cambodia!

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